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Garnet Trust Foundation

Joining those giving hope in South Carolina

The mission of the Garnet Trust Foundation is to help promote, support, and advance charitable organizations and causes, educate the general public regarding these charitable organizations and causes, and to make positive impacts on communities, by utilizing the names, images, and likenesses and notoriety of University of South Carolina student-athletes.

Our Board

Meet the people directing the mission and activities of the Garnet Trust Foundation.

Our Partners

Meet the people and the organizations that make what we do possible.

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About Garnet Trust Foundation

Who We Are

Garnet Trust Foundation will help educate the general public in South Carolina and the communities in which the South Carolina student-athletes live about charitable organizations and causes, and how the public can get involved and make a positive impact through these organizations.

In order to do so, we will cultivate relationships with charitable organizations throughout South Carolina and in the communities in which South Carolina student-athletes live.

Our Mission

Know your donation is making a difference.

Direct funding to local charitable causes

Raise awareness for important causes

Develop a culture of giving back

What We Do


Using the reach of South Carolina student-athletes, we shed light on critical needs and issues.  


Garnet Trust Foundation gives actual financial support to chosen charitable organizations.


Athletes and fans working together will foster a culture of philanthropy and giving back to the community.

Our Board


Barry Bodiford


Markeshia Grant


Candace Knox

Garnet Trust Foundation Board Marcus Lattimore

Marcus Lattimore


Ken Long


Tim Packer

Garnet Trust Foundation Board Member Brent Skinner

Brent Skinner

Top Partners

Garnet Trust Foundation supports local charities and non-profits that make a true impact in the Midlands, the state of South Carolina, and beyond. Find out more about who we work with, and which generous companies make it possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Garnet Trust Foundation do?

We will come alongside non-profits to help them reach their fundraising goals.

Why should I donate to the Garnet Trust Foundation?

We will work with many different charities in Columbia and throughout the state, and your donation will help those organizations.

Our goal is first and foremost to support the South Carolina charities and nonprofit organizations that are selected as partners through the use of NIL opportunities with student-athletes.

We will collect a small percentage to cover our operational costs, a large segment of which includes legal fees to ensure that we are ultimately not only compliant but ahead of all current and future NIL regulations. Financial transparency is important to us, and we’re proud to have our distinguished board members to ensure our success.

What is the difference between Garnet Trust and Garnet Trust Foundation?

Garnet Trust Foundation is a non-profit organization and has been granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Utilizing their NIL, USC student-athletes are paid to promote local charitable organizations and causes, educate the general public regarding those charitable organizations and causes, and positively impact communities.

Donors know they’re supporting USC student-athletes, helping local charitable organizations, and positively impacting communities. An added benefit is donations are tax deductible (this is not tax advice; consult a tax professional).

— Launched in November 2021, Garnet Trust creates connections and experiences between USC student-athletes and fans. Utilizing their NIL, USC student-athletes are paid to make media appearances, autograph items, attend events, and more.

 Members know they’re supporting USC student-athletes and receive benefits that vary based on membership level. Membership fees are not tax deductible (this is not tax advice; consult a tax professional). Separately, Garnet Trust helps USC student-athletes and local businesses work together. And there’s an initiative called Garnet Trust Connect that allows fans to directly support specific USC student-athletes. Visit to learn more.

Is the Garnet Trust Foundation utilizing NIL?

Yes, we will use the NIL of student-athletes to help market and obtain the fundraising goals set by partner charities.

Are my donations 100% tax-deductible?

Yes. Garnet Trust Foundation has been granted tax-exempt status as an organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3).

How are the charities selected?

Our goal is to work with charities that align with the values instilled by the University of South Carolina. Ultimately, the Board of Directors will make the final decision on which charities receive marketing and funding.

If I’m with a charity, how do I connect with the Garnet Trust Foundation?

Please email us at

Are there volunteer opportunities?

If you would like to help us, please email us or hit the “Help us today!” button in the section below.

What if I have further questions?

Please email us at

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